Powerful PPTs make selling easy

For those employed in the service sector industry, the one thing you are sure to find in their portable storage device is a sales presentation or a sales PPT. Time and time again we see ineffective sales PPTs castoff into the recycle bin. A good sales presentation is key in aiding the sales pitch.

You may prepare your sales presentations by the book, but if it’s cluttered, text-heavy or mundane, convincing the client takes a major hit. A solid presentation needs to be coupled with a persuasive sales pitch. Provide a run-down of your product benefits and product USP.

Be confident, enthusiastic and always try to re-invent your sales outlook. Try understanding your client better. For example, hire a sales presentation design agency or sales presentation design company to get a modern, visually appealing sales PPT designed. While you do that, also run through our 5 effective sales presentation tips to close those deals!

  1. A relevant Presentation works best

Refreshing your sales presentation is key. A generic presentation just doesn’t work. These presentations (taken from the web) say the same things and may not always be relevant to your target audience. When hiring a sales presentation design service to get a sales pitch deck ready, provide them with crisp information related to your client/audience.

Even though your sales pitch presentation is being designed by a PPT design company, you need to put in the research to understand your client’s industry and their pain points. Check your prospective client’s website, newsletters, PR releases, annual reports, blogs, use cases, and social media accounts. Also, research companies who are major players in the industry and see how you or your company can improve specific areas of your clients’ needs better.

Quick sales PPT tip: Add your client’s logo to every PPT slide. Make them feel that your solutions are already tailor-made for them.

  1. Let the PPT Build a Connection

If you are preparing a product presentation, make sure you have a demo or a sample of the product placed near you. Ask your clients to use the product while you are presenting. This allows your client to see what the finished product would look like. You can then answer questions based on their feedback.

Connect with your clients better by putting forth the benefits of your product. Tell them how your solutions can get them to trump their competitors. Allow them to ask as many questions as they want to. Do not interrupt presentation related queries coming in. Pay attention to your client’s body language, gestures, and expressions.

  1. The Pitch Deck must be Crisp

Decision-makers have very little time available to listen to long discussions. That is why a short, to-the-point sales PPT is a must. Understand what the key points to present are. Provide solutions and let your clients take something back from your sales pitch deck. Their feedback allows you to go back, work on your presentation and try again (if they are kind enough to re-schedule).

There is no need to discuss every benefit of your product or service offers. Sometimes you could try cross-selling another co-service or product of yours. But to be safe, focus on that one key benefit that can address your client’s challenges.

  1. Deliver the Presentation with Energy

Sales presentations that are unimaginative and boring don’t last long in your client’s memory. If you want your sales PPT to stand out, you will need to demonstrate its effectiveness with energy and enthusiasm. Modulate the tone of your voice to good effect and avoid speaking with a monotone.

Try practicing the sales pitch among colleagues. If they can understand the crux of your sales pitch, then you can work on improving the pitch in other areas. You can record your dummy sales pitch to hear how you sound. Use it to analyze yourself and improve.

  1. Timing is everything in a sales presentation

It is quite common that a sales presentation meeting will begin with the PPT being presented first, instead of business requirement discussions. Suppose, your client has allotted you sufficient time to first, discuss the deal and then, watch the presentation, do exactly that. Don’t barge into the meeting and start blabbering about how good your product is and how beneficial your client would be if they chose your services or product.

Always remember, that the sales presentation must never precede a discussion. A scenario could arise wherein the presentation if shown first, may not be necessary with newer challenges to address. That is why, be patient, listen to your client’s requirements or needs and present as per what he/she wants to hear, and not what you want to say.