PPT trends to look out for in 2020

If you put a question to a business professional, such as, “What tool is the best to express business ideas?” or “What is an ideal way to communicate business storytelling to a dedicated audience?”

The answer has to be PowerPoint.

At the end of last year, Microsoft further solidified this response by releasing several new features. Google Docs came out with something similar.

Presentation design helps businesses to share their business ideas.

Whether it’s a sales presentation, financial presentation, fundraising presentation, conference presentation, company profile presentation, interactive presentation, pitch deck presentation, product launch presentation or a startup pitch presentation, nothing beats a visually appealing deck for business storytelling.

With so much happening on the PPT front, we thought of writing a dedicated piece on emerging trends in PowerPoint.

1. AR & VR in PPT

With immersive storytelling now the overall goal when presenting a pitch deck, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are both excellent trends to incorporate.

Text is certainly not enough. Engaging an audience with technological subtlety is a trend that will continue for ages to come.

2. The rise of infographics in PPT

Infographics will always be in vogue. They are easy to understand, visually appealing and heavily used. The use of charts is declining.

This is also because the audience reads & comprehends icons faster than text.

You also wouldn’t want your slides cluttered with an excessive copy. The heavy use of words can be left for the Notes section of your pitch deck.

The visual interest and icon’s legibility will provide a seamless flow for the viewer through the entire PPT. Infographics come in handy for explaining mundane figures and statistics.

3. PPT with adaptive motion graphics

The animation will always remain a quintessential aspect of presentation decks. Elevating the quality of your pitch presentation using smooth animations is a no brainer.

Several built-in tools in Microsoft PowerPoint are available to help capture the audience’s attention. Although, the more intricate the animation, the harder it can get to make changes to the slide.

4. PPT with embedded fonts

Custom fonts in PPT presentations are now universal for PC & MAC. If a PPT design agency uses embedded custom fonts for a brand-new pitch presentation or undertakes a PPT touch up, those fonts remain unique to the agency’s style.

This in turn, also makes your PPT unique, thus remaining exclusive to your company’s brand.

It’s fair to bid goodbye to Calibri or Arial and welcome primary brand typefaces.

5. 3D in PowerPoint

A couple of years ago, Microsoft introduced 3D models to PowerPoint. This gave PowerPoint design firms a chance to elevate their presentation design approach. 3D models can be morphed.

This facet can be used within designed presentations to understand product design, mapping and data visualization.

6. Custom illustrations in PPTs

Getting custom illustrations and shapes created in PowerPoint slides is easier now. Tools such as ‘Merge Shapes’ are now being used to great effect. They give you the creative freedom to build unique shapes or assets.

It doesn’t hurt to think out of the box when design visual graphics are required for your presentation design.

7. Avoiding clutter in your slides

How does one remember a mobile number? We simply break it down to groups of 3’s, 3’s and 4’s. It’s the same logic for your audience. They will grasp information presented to them in a streamlined format instead of a multitude of bullet points.

Break down a text-heavy slide into 3-5 sub-slides. This serves two things. First, the audience retains information better and second, the components within a slide can be shuffled around.

8. Presentations with dynamic layouts

A useful PowerPoint design tip is to have a dynamic layout. A fresh ‘dynamic layout’ template turns your PPT design into a gorgeous piece of print.

Static and boring presentation design layouts are a thing of the past. The best PPT designers will do everything to give PPTs a fresh appeal.