Fonts make engagement count

Typography is the art of creating and then arranging written content. This content encompasses text and fonts. They are effectively used based on functionality, readability, and positioning.

PPT fonts help create a mood to invoke an emotional response. This, in turn, makes the audience to become more receptive to ideas.

A good font never goes unnoticed. It gives meaning to a piece of text. It adds weight to it and lets you unveil any hidden meaning.

A PowerPoint presentation with good typography will work wonders. Bad typography is a capital sin. Typography in presentations helps blend experience, creativity, and knowledge.

When you think of typography in presentations, you only think of Comic Sans or Times New Roman. No offense but, you need to a bit more than that to make a difference.

You can leave the complexity of using typography in presentations by hiring a PPT design agency. A PPT design company will make use of single or multiple typefaces to make your presentation standout.

They are not afraid to experiment with fonts. Trust the PPT maker when they combine stunning fonts to keep your PPT content relatable. They create magic by combining spacing, dimensions, colours, and alignment.

Font vs Typeface

We tend to use the terms ‘typefaces’ and ‘fonts’ interchangeably. The two have different meetings.

A ‘typeface’ is known to be the designing of text. The font, on the other hand, tells us how the design is delivered to the audience.

Each font looks a certain way. Each font elicits a specific response from the audience. That is why font size matters when either presenting to an audience seated close or far.

PPT header fonts

Fonts used for headers are usually bold. This helps the headline to stand apart and quickly get noticed. All caps are usually used. This gives it a sense of hierarchy.

Typography in presentations, therefore, sets apart the text with priority. Try using the same header fonts as presentation slides dividers.

PPT body font

The font that goes into the body of your PPT slides needs is important as well. The fonts used here must provide a sense of the PPT’s overall style.

A top vendor for presentation design can use multiple fonts to support the visual presentation. This binds the storytelling with audience preference, imagery, colors, and animation.

The audience must be comfortable reading the slides. There is no need to add decorative or distracting fonts.

PPT font-weight

Typography in presentations also includes font weights. A PPT design agency will try to use multiple fonts, with multiple weights.

This adds emphasis to ideas, cues, and keywords. Names, events, important dates could be bolded. This helps the audience to differentiate them. Again, using bold fonts in the title slide, tells the audience that it is the introduction slide.

A ‘typeface’ in presentations can create excitement among the audience. By changing the font size for figures, statistics, and key facts, the information can be made to stand out.

Font colour can be changed to highlight a point. Different font sizes can also be used based on the slide content. Typography is a visual styling element that is best understood by PPT makers.