Slides with a narrative

Storytelling is an art. It involves characters, a journey, and emotions. Compare that to a PowerPoint presentation. A PPT presentation is often bland, boring, lengthy, and unimpressive.

A presentation is to-the-point, filled with jargon, and delivered monotonously. We pity those speakers who go over their mundane PPTs with methodical efficiency.

This needs to change. We are living in a world of engagement. The audience is now empowered with engaging content on-the-go.

If you were to apply the art of storytelling to a PowerPoint presentation, what would you get?
– Wouldn’t storytelling in presentations make the PPT come alive? – “Yes! It will”.
– Will storytelling in presentations retain the audience’s attention? – “Without a doubt”
– Can storytelling in presentations build a rapport? – “Easily!”

It isn’t easy to simply come up with a PowerPoint presentation that tells a story. It needs an experienced PPT design company to craft an engaging story for its intended audience. Let’s look at what a PPT design expert does to add storytelling in presentations.


Drafting a narrative

When you give a PPT agency raw content for the PPT, give them some direction. A PPT designing agency will need to know more about your product offering or PPT purpose.

Once they know that, it’s easier to craft a narrative for the presentation. The narrative will stitch together the PPT introduction slide, the title that goes in it, overall PPT content, the stories that need to be told, along with key messages.


Storyboarding the slides

Once a narrative is set, the slides need to be worked on to fit the story. Just like in a motion picture, the storyboard helps the design expert to understand slide order and its priority.

It all starts with sketches drawn on notepads and whiteboards. It is the PPT maker’s job to turn drawings into a powerful piece of business communication.

The actual slides are made up of images, custom fonts, and animations, all blended into a working narrative.


Adding visual elements

PowerPoint design experts create presentations that tell a story visually. Storytelling in presentations is advanced through photos and images.

These photos won’t be added just for appeal. They will support the overall narrative. The PPT design firm will use only high-quality images. Real images make a huge difference.

The audience can relate  to real-life images. The human brain responds to faces well as compared to abstract images.


Presenting in multimedia

PPT design agencies include animations and transitions to strengthen storytelling in presentations. One needs to be careful when exporting the presentation into a PDF. The animation effects added to the presentation won’t work when saved as a PDF.

One way to retain animation within the PPT is by converting them into videos. A presentation design company will easily create videos out of a completed presentation. This allows the PPT to keep its moving visuals and sound.