Touching the human side

It’s so easy to get distracted. The moment you click the display button on your phones, a cool story from Glance will catch your attention. Then you swipe up to continue accessing multiple pieces of information. All of this, without even unlocking the smartphone.

Now imagine how easy it is for your audience to wander during a PPT presentation. If presentation is filled with text, devoid of images, and follows a complex structure, there will be no emotions shown.

Emotions in presentations are important to deliver your message. This message, when served in a monotonous manner struggles to convey the ideas. Emotions in presentations keep the audience focussed.

Your PowerPoint presentation must narrate an engaging story. A story, complete with characters and images can make the audience become part of a story.

Let’s get straight to 4 reasons how emotions in presentations can trigger the right response.


The ice-breaker

Each audience member will attend your presentation in a different mood. When you add quotes, characters and real-life images to your PPT, emotions are triggered.

Emotions in presentations act like an ice-breaker. They bring all the audience members to the same level. It energizes your audience and forces them to listen.

You can pause during the presentation, play a short exercise video, and ask the audience to participate. The video acts like a stimulant which makes the audience emote.

This allows the audience to refocus on what you are saying.



Craft content that appeals to the audience. If the audience is expecting big numbers, add statistics through visually appealing charts or graphs.

Share images of your team. Share a testimonial of your customer. Make the presentation as human as possible. Work with the audience to have a dialogue and not a monologue.

Perform a live poll to engage the audience. Polls invoke emotions in presentations. This is because asking questions make the audience to start thinking.

Live polls help create a mental break. The audience can regain attention and also stay focussed throughout.



Stories are food for the brain. It is the universal way to captivate an audience. Emotions in presentations automatically tune-in the audience.

When you start telling a story, people want to know what happens next. Each slide can speak something about a journey.

You can drop a few anecdotes or management quotes to tighten the audience. Present a status quo and reveal the path of the story.

Each milestone in the story will introduce a conflict, which the audience will want to see revealed. Non-linear storytelling works best.

Instead of flipping one slide at a time, make the audience to anticipate what happens next. Ask them to perceive the big picture.

Get a custom presentation designed by a PPT design company. Their expertise in animation and visual storytelling can be matched by none.



By adding short animated videos (designed by a PPT design agency near you), you can build interaction. Videos are a great tool to boost PPT interaction.

Emotions in presentations can be triggered using videos. Find the video clip that can elicit the right mood and reinforce your story.

The audience’s attention drops within the first 10 minutes. Use this time to introduce a video, launch the narrative, and present the introduction.