Keeping it succinctly simple

Do we always listen carefully? Do we really comprehend what our friends or peers try to tell us? Most of us are easily distracted thanks to our phones, Netflix, and memes.

If everyone around us is distracted, then we must over-communicate. We must stress on enhancing our message. We should communicate it differently. We must use different modes of communication to get the message across.

This also happens with PowerPoint presentations. When delivering our message, it is important to gauge the audience. Did they listen the first time? Did they get the joke you cracked about an associate’s tie?

The devil is in the details. The smallest things need the highest attention. You need to come up with presentation ideas that work. But do we need to over-communicate? Can’t we let a presentation design company create our ppts?

We need to buck this trend of overcommunication. The audience will be distracted. It is up to the presentation to keep it tight through content and visuals.


Three simple presentation ideas that avoid over-communicating information are:

Complexity in presentations

Over-communicating has become a rule, rather than an exception. We are a distracted society. So, would it help if our presentation ideas are complex?

Overcommunication simply means we ‘communicate too much’. Over-communication leads to sharing too many details. This repetition leads to annoyance.

Minimize the amount of information that is thrown at the audience. Edit things before briefing the presentation design company.

Don’t list details that won’t benefit the audience. Spend that valuable time on each slide to communicate key points.


Duplicity in presentations

Some pointers need repetition. Even if the audience hears it the first time, repeating it drives it home.

Try to be selective when repeating a particular piece of information. Get creative with what you choose to repeat, and how you want to repeat it.

PowerPoint presentation tip

Try to convey a piece of information through various formats

Think about ways to present an idea better. Can video help? Could there be an infographic added? Will custom fonts be of any use?


Amplifying your presentation

When getting your presentation developed from a reputed presentation design agency, don’t cram every single detail in. Amplifying details on every slide is also over communication.

Shine a spotlight on key parts of your message. Bolded fonts, typeface sizes, and usage of quotes can do this. Isolate the main messages that you wish to communicate.

Simplify your message instead of amplifying unwanted parts. Repeat the most important aspects of the presentation creatively. This can be done by hiring a professional presentation design agency.