Introductions tell its own story

Speaking before an audience can be intimidating. Being in the spotlight, remembering the key pointers of the PPT presentation, worrying if the video in the PPT will play or not are just some of the issues that could put you off guard.

That’s why presenting a PPT with an engaging introduction can calm nerves and also get the presentation started smoothly.

The key aspects of starting a PowerPoint presentation are:

  • Telling a story
  • Capturing the audience’s attention
  • Sharing opinions, ideas, and information
  • Leaving a lasting impression

Through an effective introduction, the audience learns about the topic and starts trusting the presenter. And when the PPT’s introduction is presented through a well-designed slide, the impact is doubled.

PPT introduction slide tips

High-quality PowerPoint slides, designed by a professional PPT design agency, aren’t of much value if the introduction within is insipid.

The introduction must be constructed with a clear agenda or storyline. The introduction sometimes can be broken down into bite-sized pieces.

Again, the way a PPT designer structures the introduction page is also important. The idea is to invoke surprise, trust, amusement, and a hint of emotion through the PPT introduction.

One way of creating a PPT introduction is by using the age-old ‘quick personal introduction’. This is a short passage of what the company does, what its products are and what are its beliefs.

Introduce the company and the contents of the presentation through a link back memory method. It’s a method in which a simple story is shared that potrays where the company’s roots originated.

Everyone loves a good story. The introduction is the perfect platform to launch an engaging story about the company’s journey. Telling stories through PPT slides can help the audience to retain information.

An emotional bond is created when the introduction begins as a story. The presentation becomes more receptive and less sceptical.

Another method of starting the PPT introduction is through the stereotyped formula. The introduction slide can depict a visual about a popular stereotype about the company’s field/domain. This can also lighten the mood a bit.

The self-deprecating introduction can then be followed with a serious topic, thus reinforcing the audience’s attention.

Opening the presentation with a cool hook or unexpected twist that will make the audience sit up and take notice.

In the design aspect, inserting a cool statistic with a bolded typeface can make a strong impact. The introduction can shock, create empathy, call to arms or simply spark curiosity.

The use of an absorbing visual can help highlight a statement. At times, the first slide can be text-free. A picture, a chart or an infographic can also introduce the purpose of the presentation.

Visuals are a powerful communication medium. Our brain needs approximately 13 milliseconds to render what our eyes see.

The use of relevant images can add an aesthetic appeal that can bolster the viewer’s imagination. This, in turn, makes the message memorable.

Starting the introduction with brief, two-letter phrases such as, “Picture this” or “Think of’ can help set the platform for a cool story.

All these exhaustive aspects can be hard to keep track of. That’s why hiring a top PPT design agency can solve the problem and have your engaging PPTs readymade.