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Explainer videos will never go out of trend. They quickly tell brand stories, memorably. Explainer videos started gaining popularity back in 2007.

Through basic content and simple graphics, these videos ushered in a new era in communication. A crisp, compelling video can spread the brand’s presence to all quarters.

This post talks about explainer videos and will also look at 5 explainer video software tools that make it super easy to create videos on-the-go.

The purpose of an Explainer Video

Companies find it difficult to express their offerings to potential customers. This could either be due to complexity in the product usage process or because of a complex application process.

By designing an explainer video (preferably through a PowerPoint presentation), companies can cater to customer pain points. A video can be created for every sub-process.

A top PPT design agency knows how to convert PPT presentations into easy-to-understand explainer videos. The same explainer video can be shared over a company’s website, social media platforms and be used in lead generation activities.

Explainer videos increase retention rates by triggering both auditory and visual senses. Our brain responds to simple narratives. If the video educates and engages, then the video is certain to be called a success.

Explainer video vs Branded video

Not all videos are the same. Branded videos are similar to case study videos, online tutorials or internet commercials. Their purpose is to engage viewers. They can be animated, but usually aren’t.

An explainer video will distil a complex idea and make it viewer-friendly. An explainer video allows users to walk away with a clearer idea about a company’s services or products.

Explainer videos are compelling, which increases memory retention. Video stimulates both visual and auditory senses. Explainer videos also help create better user experiences for landing pages and websites.

The following explainer video softwares are perfect for generating videos on the go. An effective way is to get a PPT designed is to hire a professional presentation agency. The same presentation can be converted into an explainer video.

  1. Animaker

Animaker comes with 5 different video styles. It also provides close to 120 different animation types. It is a Do-It-Yourself platform.

Animaker’s infographic template styles and typography styles are good enough to get started at least.


  1. PowToon

A free online explainer video software, PowToon contains some cool templates for high-quality animation.

It’s ‘drag and drop’ feature allows users to create explainer videos without needing any technical knowhow.


  1. Biteable

Biteable claims to be the ‘simplest video maker’ online. They back that up by offering minimal and light designs.

Biteable lets a user create HD quality videos and publish them on YouTube. Removing the watermark or downloading produced animation will require the user to become a premium account member.


  1. Animiz

Animiz’s platform offers a free ‘drag and drop’ tool that can be installed over MAC or Windows powered desktops. Text-based and 2D animations can be created over Animiz.

The paid version of Animiz provides music tracks, animation elements, and stock vectors.


  1. Toonly

Toonly’s desktop application helps create amazing animations and videos. Although not free, Toonly’s interface is simple to use.

The tool was mainly built to create sales videos, landing page videos, social media videos and Facebook ads.