Take presentation slides to another level

What is the meaning of ‘elevate a presentation’? Does it mean raising the height of the projector or the quality of content?

Honestly, you have to work on both.

There could be instances when your audience could be more than 10 feet away from the screen/projection. This unfortunate placement could make it harder for you to convey your presentation’s message.

The audience is bound to feel disconnected. Audience involvement is key to a successful ppt presentation design. This design encompasses the efforts of a presentation design agency along with your content.

You can reconnect with the audience by asking the audience to participate physically. This way you make the physical gap disappear. Break the stage-to-audience barrier by asking them to engage through actions.

Your ppt presentation design will be taken care of by the presentation design agency. The content delivery depends on how you present it. The following tips can help you to elevate your content and bridge the presenter-audience gap.

Involve the members of the audience by asking them to participate in a poll. Taking a poll involves even the last seated member of the audience.

A bonus to this is the insight your audience can offer. Reveal the answers of your poll in the subsequent slide. Make sure the question is taken from the information present in the preceding slides.

Asking questions directly also works. This could be risky as well. You open the platform’s messaging to everyone. You need to be prepared and know the presentation inside out.

Q&A allows the audience to voice their opinions and get rid of their misconceptions, if any. This activity can also distract them from the key message of the presentation. Solve this by hiring a presentation design agency that designs an engaging ppt.

Lead the audience through a guided mental story. Ask your audience to close their eyes and maybe listen to some audio. Showing a video, with the audience far away won’t work.

Let the audience make their assumptions and imagine the story within their heads. Engage with them on a deeper level. Break down any barrier that stands in the way. Even an emotional disconnect can be bridged.

Deliver an expressive face when presenting. This quickly gets communicated to the audience. If the audience perceives you as disinterested, they will quickly become disinterested as well.

Be enthusiastic, expressive and emotive. Vary your facial expressions based on audience size. The way you express an emotion to an audience in a small room should be different from the one when addressing a larger audience.

Watch your audience and try to get a feel of their interest levels. If the audience has a blank look on their face, chances are that they are disengaged or bored.

If they express joy or excitement, chances are that you are winning their hearts. You can also alter your decisions and adjust future steps while presenting.

Always focus on the audience. If you keep the content engaging, crisp, and visually relevant, the distance won’t matter.