Crafting the right message

There might be times when your superb presentation might still be dud. With all its style, content, visual appeal, it might still not be capable of winning over an audience.

Understanding your audience is important. You don’t want your audience to stare blankly at you. No matter how good your presentation’s content is, winning the audience’s mind and hearts are essential as well.

PPT presentation design can only be successful if you keep your audience in mind while creating the content. A presentation design agency will anyway keep your audience as a priority.


Audience’s listening styles

To direct your audience to a website or a sale, you must first engage the audience. Then, convince them of your objective. Guide them through this narrative through visual storytelling.

Your audience will be attracted to visuals, sounds, numbers or words. If you combine all the four learning styles into your presentation, your chance of success increases.

The visual audience understands relationships and ideas visually. If your visual presentation is filled with diagrams, charts, and images, then this is a treat for a visual learner. The visuals bind your presentation’s story.

An auditory audience will comprehend everything through the ear. They prefer listening to your information rather than seeing or reading. You must be dynamic enough as a presenter. Speaking with vocal variety is good, but try adding a few elements that can pique their interest.

A kinaesthetic audience prefers a more hands-on approach. A PPT presentation design with sound and visuals gets this type of audience all-ears.

The final audience type is the reading/writing kind. They prefer taking in information in bullet points and listen to its expanded version by the speaker. Some prefer reading large chunks of text and condense it for their better understanding.

As a presenter, it’s hard to enter a presentation knowing what category of the audience he/she will speak to. But, if your PPT presentation design combines all aspects of business storytelling, then you are in business.

When presenting a well-designed PowerPoint presentation, make sure you challenge the limits. Become a coach. Tell a story, but also guide the audience through effective learning.

Try to identify the limitations of every individual. Push them to get past those. Somebody could be afraid to speak in an assembly. Some could be struggling to understand your point of view.

Challenge such limitations and introduce them to a newer reality. Push their boundaries and move them to the next level of their respective abilities.

Make the audience interact. Ask them questions related to their experiences and related presentation slide. Don’t shy away from asking your audience questions. Let them know that you are open to answering questions.

Ask them to comment on the statistics you are showing. Ask them to watch a video. Ask them to read a quote aloud. Do anything you can to make them ask questions.

Inspire your audience to dream. Allow the presentation to capture their hearts. It takes preparation, thoughtfulness, and hard work to come up with a strong PPT presentation design.

Use a call-to-action that will solve a problem. The call to action must be the final solution to whatever the audience is looking for.