When ppt engages more than a phone

Ever been in a presentation where your ability to control the audience is tested? Thanks to smartphones, it’s so much easier to get distracted these days.

Even if the presentation is designed for 2-3 individuals within a room, their minds are bound to get distracted. So, what do you do? Do you give in to their bored demeanour and finish off the presentation as soon as possible?

You must always stay in control. You are the one the audience wants to hear speak. They have dedicated their time to listen to you. You cannot control what pops up on your listener’s device. You cannot control events that occur around the auditorium.

You can control your tone, your voice, your body language, your pacing, and your PowerPoint presentation.

Let’s look at some PowerPoint presentation tip that can help you retain the attention of your audience. Always remember your presentation or pitch deck holds the key to avoiding distracted minds.

Hire a top presentation design agency to turn your content brief into a powerful piece of business communication. Ask them to add visual elements to bring your content to life.

Through slide transitions and slide animations, your presentation must tell a story that engages. Connect with them at a deeper level. Choose a narrative that binds all your characters well. If they relate to your story well, chances are they might not get distracted.

The first PowerPoint presentation tip is to acknowledge the audience’s distraction. Your presentation is fantastic – visually and in content. You speak well, with a positive vibe. So, what could be the cause of distraction?

If its an outside force at work, take a break. Ask permission from the audience to re-convene later. If you are in the middle of an interesting section of the presentation, apologise for the break and look to solve the issue at hand.

Once the issue is sorted, re-start the story or the slide. By addressing the distraction, you let the audience know about your intentions. You show them that you are willing to get their attention back to what is important.

The second PowerPoint presentation tip is to respond with humour. Being relaxed is a good way to calm nerves. It also lightens the overall mood.

By making a joke about the situation, you diffuse it. Humour takes the audience’s mind off anything that could possibly steal their attention.

You acknowledge the distraction and respond to it with humour. Cap it off by re-engaging the audience. This is the third PowerPoint presentation tip.

Reel the audience back in. Reset their attention to an emotional playing field. Recap on what was discussed during the break. By re-staring with a recap, you help the audience to forget about their distraction.

It reminds them of what they were excited about in the first place. Re-engage them with a well-designed presentation. Employ a professional presentation design agency to let your presentation keep the audience engaged.