Tallying successful slides

Finance and accounting professionals of today are adopting a strategic role. This is possible through continuous interactions with fellow professionals from the management and operations departments.

This has made accounting professionals confident enough to put together an accounting PPT. They are now competent enough to deliver a strong accounting presentation.

By hiring a PPT design agency to design an accounting PPT, technical data can be presented to non-financial stakeholders. The agency will use an account team’s data, add relevant imagery and graphs to make it a powerful piece of business communication.

Let’s look at 5 key essentials that go in making an accounting PPT successful.

Be prepared

Being prepared and thorough with your business accounting numbers is easier said than done. Covering all bases will give your presentation a robust foundation.

This, in turn, will give you the confidence to present. The audience needs to be kept in mind when preparing the slide content. Does the PPT need more financial information on a particular slide? Is there anybody in the audience who is from the investor relations department?

By knowing who you are going to present to, you can compose the presentation. Also, you will know what quantifiable data is relevant to the audience. You can gather data from the company’s internal records, surveys, case studies, and other reputable sources.

Defined structure

Design-wise you needn’t worry about the PPT structure. The idea is to lay down basic guidelines for the presentation expert.

Give them your company guidelines, some image ideas, and possibly a well-constructed slide order. This same order will help you prepare for the narration.

Slide design

An accounting PPT is formal. There will only be a small window to add a bit of humour or make the slides engaging.

Start with the title slide. The PPT introduction slide must provide a clear context for the accounting presentation. The heading on each slide must keep the audience focussed.

With accounting data comes a balance sheet, numerous tables, and charts. Try not to fuse number-filled data on each slide. Space it out evenly.

Slides with too much clutter tend to get monotonous. A slide with too much information is also hard to read. A PPT design company hired solely to improve the quality of your presentation can add immense value to your slides.

Visually engaging slides can work in your favour. Simply adding screenshots from Excel sheets won’t work. The PPT designer’s expertly designed images can elevate the quality of your accounting presentation.

Answering questions

Studying your audience beforehand has another advantage. You can predict the questions that could be asked.

Try to answer these questions with the information provided in the accounting PPT. Request the PPT design agency who is working on your presentation to add filler slides with a unique statistic that also answers any question that could come from the audience.


Always ensure there is a final step. This is where you want to direct the audience after the presentation. The call-to-action could either be a website URL, link to an accounting Excel sheet, a microsite address or a number to get more information from.