How to Write Great Titles for Your Presentation

Okay, now that you are here reading this, is there a reason why you landed up here? Was it the topic or the headline that drew you to this page? Probably, you were hooked to the title or the headline because that one line or title has the power to engage and influence the readers. That’s exactly why it’s important to have strong titles in your presentation. Following few scrolls will show you 5 ways to make your headlines memorable and effective.

Create intrigue

Don’t be obvious when it comes to your presentations. Even though the audience is there for a reason, engage them with intriguing headlines that leave them guessing. Sure, drive your point home but do it with a question that makes your audience think and engage with you.

For example, your company wants to enter the Dubai market and you are making a presentation with a title like – Advantages of Dubai as a market. Sounds blah, right? Now imagine flipping this to something like – Why Dubai makes sense? This is far more intriguing at a title, get the gist. The meaning is the same but the question just makes things a lot more interesting in the boardroom.

Keep it short

Keep it short and simple when it comes to your templates and titles. Probably 8 to 10 words max. Beyond that, you’re going to confuse the audience whether they’re reading a title or a story. A shorter title also means your audience will be hooked and would want you to complete the picture for them. You don’t want them to be reading every word from the slide. After all, you are there to add value to the presentation?

Keep it relevant

Imagine making a presentation to creative artists with titles related to astrophysics. Not a great idea, right? You need to know your audience before deciding on your titles. Add the right context to your slides and agenda or else your audience will lose interest and not take you seriously.

Numbers can do the trick

Imagine a headline – How to make an impactful resume? This headline is anything but impactful as it is very subjective. Now the minute we add a number to the headline it becomes far more interesting – 5 great ways to make an impactful resume. Adding numbers to your titles is a great trick to make the title more impactful and objective. The audience knows that your slides have something definitive and relevant.

Tell a story, don’t write one

Does the title of a book tell the entire story? Exactly the same way, let the title be a summary of what you want to say and not the whole story. Storytelling theme is an amazing way to create engagement and interaction during your presentation.

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