Organizations across the globe utilize PowerPoint presentations for some purpose or the other. Depending on the target audience, they may be presented internally or externally. Whatever the requirement, presentation design plays a vital role in the day-to-day functioning of any organization. However, if one lacks experience in designing presentations or doesn’t have time to spend on creating them, it’s just easier and better to avail of professional presentation design services.

Most people thoroughly dislike sitting through presentations. Mostly because they are typically filled with tons of information, presented in a lackluster manner, with a presenter that drones on or just reads from them directly. Such presentations are boring and entirely unengaging, causing the audience to get distracted or lose interest completely. That’s where a presentation design services agency can make a world of difference.

Presentation design services have made it possible for organizations to create effective presentations that can promote their products and services. These are basically the services that you need to hire to develop your company’s marketing materials or content that the Human Resources department can make use of internally. 

There are multiple reasons why organizations require such presentations. Presentation design is important when it comes to attracting investors or presenting important information to colleagues, peers, employees, upper management, and shareholders. Or you may use presentation design services to carefully educate employees about the company’s brand and values. In addition, you may also use presentation design services to develop and launch products and services that can be sold online.

What can a great presentation do for you?

Most organizations don’t have a dedicated team to create their corporate presentations. A lot of people go for a simple approach, creating simple slide decks, and concentrating on making them legible and neat. Others try to create presentations with a combination of text and images. Then there are a few that try to tap into their visual side and create presentations that are colorful, filled with images, animations, charts, graphs, infographics, etc. While this last kind of presentation design is probably the most memorable and compelling, it also needs to be well-balanced. That’s why you bring in the experts in the form of a professional presentation design services agency.

The whole point of presentation design is to combine your ideas, narrative, visuals, data, and statistics together to tell a gripping story that engages your audience and allows them to take heed of your message. 

With the help of presentation design services, you ensure that all your presentations are well-designed. In turn, it enables you to share your point of view, build your business carefully, show your audience your vision and make you credible.

So what are presentation design services?

When someone mentions presentation design services, one’s mind immediately goes to designing and developing presentations from scratch. In such cases, the presentation design services agency will work together with the client to create the presentations they need. The client will provide the agency with the necessary information and explain what their requirements are. From there, the presentation designer will take over, keeping in mind the organization’s brand guidelines and current design trends, and come up with something they can present to the audience.

There are a number of other services that a presentation design services agency also offers. Clients may choose any of these depending on their exact requirements. Let’s check out what these related services are, below.

Data visualization:

Whether big or small, most organizations have a lot of information to share, internally and externally. The trouble is, all this information is generally put down in Word documents or Excel sheets. Neither of these formats stands to wow anyone. Instead, you’ll have people struggling to make sense of what they’re reading. Or they just won’t be interested in any of it. Either way, it’s a problem. However, if the same information or data is presented graphically then it becomes much more accessible and memorable. Therefore, through data visualization, a presentation design services agency can take all the boring data and transform it into something visually attractive and compelling. Given that we live in a data-driven world, it’s an absolutely essential service to have.

Presentation redesign:

As we mentioned earlier, not every organization has a dedicated team for creating presentations. At most, a manager may delegate the task to a subordinate who has no experience designing presentations. Now, suppose he or she has created one which isn’t of the best quality, what happens then? Or perhaps, someone may have created a set of presentations a while ago, but again, they lack imagination and are just cluttered. In both cases, you can as for a redesign from the presentation design services agency. They have professionals to work on and enhance these kinds of presentations, both graphically and textually.

PowerPoint training:

Not every presentation design services agency offers this particular service directly. However, if the agency has an online presence, you may be able to avail of such training online. Here’s why it’s good to attend such a course. There may be times when you don’t want to outsource your presentation design to someone else. Or may you not have the funds for it. Whatever your reasons, PowerPoint training can absolutely help you to improve your in-house designing skills and brand knowledge. Whether it’s just you or the entire team, all will learn how to create on-brand presentations that fully comply with your brand’s image and strategy.

Template design:

When it comes to creating presentations, you need a proper template to get the job done. Template design is, therefore, an essential service that you can opt for when you need a decent base upon which to design effective presentations. A presentation design services agency will take your input and create different sets of exceptional slides according to all the relevant brand guidelines. You can then go ahead and use these based on the type of presentation you have to create.

There are also certain types of presentations that a presentation design services agency has to offer. With absolute certainty, every organization will require each one for a particular purpose or under certain circumstances. So let’s learn about each of them, in brief.

Types of Presentations

Sales presentations

Sales presentations are a common and extremely popular presentation type. This kind of presentation design aims at introducing a service or a product in the most attractive way. sales presentations typically have a lot of facts and figures which are not very exciting. Therefore, it’s up to the presentation designer to take all that boring technical data and features and turn them into impressive slides that emphasize the product and all its benefits.

Pitch deck presentations

This presentation type is commonly used by almost every start-up or organization that needs investors. Pitch deck presentations generally tell an organization’s story in the most concise manner. Typically, this presentation design may contain around 10-15 slides. However, the information in each one is brief and still covers everything that potential investors need to know. Hiring a presentation design services agency is the easiest way to get this kind of presentation design done correctly.

C-suite presentations

This kind of presentation type is generally utilized by CEOs or CFOs of an organization when they have to deliver a speech or a lecture. They need to be created carefully. C-suite presentations have to be concise, with attention paid to detail, and provide clear ROI and precise financial data. Presenting something to or by c-suite requires top-of-the-line service. The only place you’re going to get this is by outsourcing the work to a presentation design services agency.

Keynote presentations

Keynote presentations are generally made to summarise and present the major theme or idea. They can also be given to introduce a major event and are delivered by someone famous. In an organization, it’s usually the CEO or someone from senior management who gives a keynote presentation. In other cases,  such presentations are made with internal communication purposes in mind.

Corporate presentations

Every organization creates corporate presentations for both internal and external purposes. In fact, this presentation type is probably the most flexible type there is. You just have to know what information is to be shared as well as how to present it. Corporate presentations can be used to communicate important information with colleagues, employees, management, business partners and stakeholders. The key to creating successful corporate presentations is to fully comply with your company’s brand identity. If this is a problem for you, simply get a presentation design services agency to do it for you.

HR and onboarding presentations

Yet another extremely common presentation type, Hr and Onboarding presentations are vital to any organization. They come in handy in case of internal training, onboarding new employees, or doing a refresher course on health and safety regulations. Training is a necessary evil in any organization. This means we have to ensure that whoever the audience is, they stay engaged while the training is happening. Considering that these kinds of presentations contain a lot of information, there’s a real need to make them interesting and visually attractive.

PowerPoint templates

We’ve covered template design using PowerPoint. These are typically a set of master slides with a proposed layout and brand guidelines. They can be customized for different purposes and freely used depending on the topic being presented. 

Consulting presentations

A consulting presentation is one that sums up the analysis and recommendations for the client to reference after the consulting team has finished the engagement. This presentation type is strictly utilized by consulting and accounting companies. They use them to show things like the results of their audits or to showcase an offer to a potential client.

Engineering presentations

This kind of presentation design is quite technical in nature and appearance. They are specifically created for presenting to a more tech-savvy audience. Engineering presentations contain lots of technical data, blueprints, and product animations. The main aim here is to show how a specific product/device is designed and created, along with how it works. Therefore, a presentation design services agency needs to be extra careful to only put in relevant data and not clutter up the presentation design.

Webinar/ Online presentations

This presentation type is generally used for online training, courses, and webinars. The presenter will first show them on a shared screen, after which, they’ll be distributed to the trainees. The presentation designer must ensure that they provide only pertinent information, in the form of bullet points or short paragraphs. 

Getting the best in Presentation Design Services 

We can’t stop stressing about how presentation design must be done with lots of care and attention to detail. Different types of presentations don’t contain the same information or the same kind of structure. This means the presentation designer must know what goes where and how to create something crisp, concise, compelling, and visually appealing. 

At Fully Decked Up, a two-decade-old presentation design services agency, our team fully knows the ins and outs of creating every kind of presentation there is. Learn about our design approach or simply check out all our services. Give us a call at 1800 1215955 or write to [email protected] to set up a meeting.