Decision-making made easy

Investor presentations are designed to pitch to investors. The pitch can be for launching a startup, a business idea pitch to angel group investors or presenting stats within an analyst presentation.

Investors look for numbers, growth patterns, and usage of business models. Designing an investor presentation PPT designed with immersive visuals work best. It is only through visuals that slides filled with numbers can be illustrated clearly.

Investors look for compelling businesses that show promise. The return on investment and the company’s capability to execute its vision is very important.

Investor relations is a strategic corporate activity that combines disciplines of finance and communication. Presenting to someone from the IR communication department will need an accurate portrayal of company prospects and performance.

Getting an investor presentation designed by a top investor presentation design agency is always a great idea, but there are some practices that a company must keep in mind when delivering the brief.


Compelling content

Compelling investor presentation content must include material that grabs attention. Telling a story is key. Simply presenting data in slides won’t capture the investors attention.

Talk about problems. Then provide solutions that  the company came up with. Add real-life examples to the PPT. Keep the number of slides short. Again, this will be done in consultation with the PPT design agency. The slides need to be brief and must communicate efficiently.


Maintaining interest

Most investor decisions are taken within the first 30-seconds of the investor presentation. The business’ market potential needs to be addressed quickly.

Animations designed by a top PPT designer can keep the audience engaged. Make sure the animations display business opportunity and present a competitive edge.

Make sure there are facts in the content. Starting with “Did you know?” questions work well. These stats can help relate to real-world examples easily.


Provide substance

Describe the size of the market in vivid detail. Here too, an investor presentation design agency can come to aid. They can come up with a way to present market potential visually.

Competitor metrics and the company’s advantage over them works too. Stress on the strategies that can make the business reach its targets.

Tell investors how much investment is needed to drive traffic, what marketing spend to expect within the first 6-months etc. All these can be visually shown with ideas from a PPT design expert.


Management expertise

Display management expertise. Thanks to prior experiences with investor presentations, build a list of questions that the audience could ask. Try getting them answered beforehand in the slides itself.

Display passion for the company. Make use of the presentation design agency to come up with a relevant way to showcase this passion.


Make the PPT tangible

Talk about specifics and not concepts. Use simple English and try avoiding industry buzzwords that any MBA can mutter. Tell a story, and present within the confines of it.

Highlight the company’s management experience, functional skills, and industry knowledge. Use bullet points, and keep the points concise.

The type-size should be large enough to be read from a distance. The type-colour should be contrasting to dark slide backgrounds. All of these can be illustrated perfectly through the experience of an investor PPT designer.

End with a strong call-to-action. Tell the investors about how much money they will spend, and how much they can expect back. The success of the presentation hinges on the inputs of an experienced PPT design agency.