Presenting more than numbers

We all know how boring financial data can be. Talk about a financial PPT, and the boredom turns to dread. It is quite a task to create an engaging financial presentation.

The only way one can add some fun to a financial deck is by hiring a top financial PPT design agency.

A top PPT designer will ensure that there is a change in perception. The idea is to maintain the interest of the audience. The audience shouldn’t feel that they are being held captive.

There are 7 ways by which a financial PPT can become engaging and effective.


Telling a story

The audience will respond to stories better than they would if presented with figures or data. When the contents of the financial PPT are to be prepared, remember to convey the where, why, what and when behind the numbers.

Only those with an analytical intellect will be receptive to a completely financial presentation. But those that don’t, need images and storytelling to register the point being presented.

Instead of saying “these are the financial projections from last year”, tell them how the projections have come about. Tell them how various decisions have influenced these projections.


The 10-20-30 rule

Business professionals forget that financial PPTs cannot be over-stretched. Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule states that any presentation must be 10 slides long, lasting 20 minutes and use a 30-point font size.

Although, every financial PPT is dependent on the content at hand, Kawasaki’s rule is considered to be a reference point for presentation designers in general. It sets up an ideal condition for audience to tune into.


Bullet points are key

Bullet points ensure that the whole financial presentation is not over-exposed over one slide. It breaks down figures, data, and numbers.

A top PPT designer will ensure that these bullet points are stylized as per the narrative of the finance PPT. Bullet points help the speaker to explore and expand the points at will.


Picture perfect

Relying on just numbers and text will kill any presentation. The audience won’t respond to chunks of financial data without breaks.

A top finance PPT design agency will add relevant graphics that are well-designed and add value to the story.


Animations & iconography

With the help of custom fonts and valuable animations, boring numbers can be made fun. Keeping the audience engaged is important. This can be achieved through effective usage of animation.

For example, a plant can be portrayed growing from a sapling into a tree. The leaves could be animated to show the growth in revenue or personnel even.


Condense some slides

If there is a lot to cover, consider condensing the slides. The financial data can be shown through detailed charts, graphs, and cool transitions.
Condensing slides can reduce the length of the entire presentation. You don’t want the audience to fall into a sleepy monotonous rut.Keep it short and engaging.

The only way you can accomplish the target of creating an engaging financial PPT is by hiring a PPT design agency.